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Why BMS Organics

"Our retail concept is not only a business; it goes beyond profit making and make everything happens with love and sincerity. As a family we passionately built BMS Organics to how it is today, upholding our mission to promote a holistic and healthy lifestyle and an eco-friendly diet."

Sincere Healthy Diet Consultation Centre

BMS Organics treats customers with utmost sincerity. “Do everything from your heart” is what the Managing Director Terry Lee always shares with his co-workers. He hopes every customer can feel the “home coming” atmosphere whenever they visit a BMS Organics outlet. BMS Organics shares its professional healthy diet information generously, with the hope that the concept of organic healthy living will spread far and wide. BMS Organics outlets are always frequented by family members young and old, who buy BMS organic products and also share with us their organic living experiences.

Professional Servicing Team

After more than a decade, BMS Organics has nurtured her nutrition consultant team. Not only making it compulsory to have the outlet staffs going through professional products and nutrition training, we are also growing our nutritionist team. Combining the professional knowledge of nutritionist and experiences of retail staffs, we wish to provide holistic care to guide customers on their roads towards healthy living of body, mind and soul.

Purifying the Body, Mind and Soul-The Most Comprehensive Health Care

BMS Organics represents “the source of thinker, the source of dietary and the source of body and mind”. Holistic healthy living is only possible when your body, mind and soul are all cleansed. Therefore, we provide nutrition and life counseling to our valued customers, imparting them with lots of positive energy not only for themselves, but also to be shared with their family and friends.

Say NO to GMO and Chemical Additives

As a nature lover, BMS lives true to “Say NO to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) products”. In order to curb the harmful effects of genetically modified organisms and chemical additives, we insist on providing non-polluted organic products. Products that are sold at BMS Organics are stringently selected and ensured to be the best quality. 

International and Local Quality Certifications

Organic products being sold at BMS Organics have been certified by many local and international bodies. Our house brand has even passed the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) recognised by international organisation, and our factory is a certified organic food re-packer approved by Australia NASAA.

Wide Variety, Competitive Pricing

Organic food began in Europe, USA and Japan. Our country is considered a “greenie” in the organic business. As one of the leading organic product retailers in Malaysia, BMS is not profit-oriented. We care about consumer’s welfare and are fully committed to offering “affordable organic food for all”. BMS has launched one-stop service outlets for customers to conveniently buy organic products. We also do our best to support small enterprises and farms towards the path to greater professionalism and better quality in agriculture and environmental care. With the growing number of BMS Organics chain stores, we pledge to offer more high quality organic products at competitive prices to all our customers.

Love The Earth, Love Our Parents, Love Ourselves, and Appreciate Where Happiness Comes From!

That is what BMS Organics always shares with everyone. We promote peaceful co-existence between humankind and nature. We are also grateful for all that we have, to protect them and to pass them down. Let’s leave behind a better world for the generations to come!