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Our History

Big Organic Dream in Little Wheatgrass

More than a decade ago, an organic shop in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, shared on how to live healthy lifestyle through wheatgrass planting. Today, it has grown more than 41 outlets and 21 organic vegetarian restaurants. All of these are initiated from a small dream of the Lee siblings on organic and healthy lifestyle.

The economic crisis in 1997 struck a sour note in everyone’s life, including the Lee brothers. Needless to say, organic healthy living for the masses then was almost impossible. This did not stop Dr. K.B. Lee from chasing his organic dream. He thought, “Since medication will harm the human body, why can’t natural food be our cure instead? Starting from what we eat, we can prevent illnesses or at least become healthier rather than be dependent on pharmaceutical medication”. Dr K.B. Lee, with his accountant brother K.F. Lee and electronic engineer brother T.C. Lee, founded their first organic outlet in USJ9 Subang, teaching like-minded people on how to grow wheatgrass and alfalfa sprouts.

In 2002, their youngest brother Terry Lee returned from study abroad in Australia and took over the management of the existing six outlets. The Lee siblings promoted organic food extensively, and established store after store to educate the public about environment protection and dietary knowledge. BMS Organics has grown from a humble family business to the forefront of healthy organic living. This is the testimony of the hard work, determination and passion of the Lee siblings. Not to forget the support and trust from our loyal customers.