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Beats of Vision Cocoa Beatbox Challenge



A. This campaign is a “BEATBOX CHALLENGE” Contest that runs from 15 June till 31 July 11:59 pm 2019.

(Announcement of winner will be on 10 August 2019)


2. “BEATBOX CHALLENGE” Contest Submission:

A. To participate in this Contest, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Purchase two tins of Vision Cocoa.

Step 2: Upload a video of the best beatbox tune on your Facebook profile and tag @BMS Organics with the hashtags #BeatsofVisionCocoa. (Don’t forget to set your Facebook profile to public)

Step 3: Copy the Video URL and submit your entry at

3 Winners will be selected by BMS Organics and will be notified through call or Facebook PM.


B. By entering this contest, all entrants agree to abide by the terms and conditions.

i. All entries must be attached with a single original receipt of the minimum purchase requirement of 2 Tins x BMS Organics VISION COCOA.

ii. Entries can be submitted via BMS Organics Facebook within the Contest period.

iii. Multiple entries are allowed only if each entry is accompanied by an original receipt with a minimum purchase requirement.

iv. Participating product is only VISION COCOA. Other BMS Organics products or meals are not eligible.

v. Single receipt with purchases of at least 2 tins of VISION COCOA will be considered as 1 entry with 1 chance in this campaign.


C. All entries must be submitted within the Contest Period


3. Terms and Conditions

A. The “BEATBOX CHALLENGE” Contest is organized by FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics).

B. By participating in this campaign eligible participants expressly agree to be bound by and comply with these terms and conditions, which shall form a valid and binding agreement between you and FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) reserves the rights to vary, supplement delete amend or modify any of these terms and conditions from time to time at its sole discretion without prior notice.

C. By participating in the campaign, eligible participants give their consent to and authorizes FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) to disclose their personal particulars to the appointed representatives engaged by FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) for the purpose of the campaign and the consent hereby given shall be deemed to be consent for the purpose of the PDPA 2010.

D. Contest Period:

i. This campaign shall commence from 15th June to 31st July 2019 both date inclusive, unless notified otherwise. FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) may at its sole and absolute discretion extend the Contest Period at any time without any prior notice.

ii. Incomprehensible or incomplete entries will be deemed invalid.

iii. Any submissions after the “Campaign Period” will not be entertained.

E. Eligibility:

The participant must be a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia who holds a valid National Registration Identification Card (NRIC) and ages 7 to 18 years at the time of participation. The following persons are not eligible to participate in this campaign:

i. permanent and/or contract employee of the FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) (and its related companies) and their immediate family members (their parents, spouses, children, siblings, and their respective spouses); and

ii. representatives and/or agents (including advertising agents and contest management agents) of FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) and their immediate family members (their parents, spouses, children, siblings, and their respective spouses).

F. Campaign Prize:

1st Prize:

Tokyo Disneyland 1 Day Pass + Return Flight Tickets (2 Pax) & 8 Beatbox Classes (1 Pax)

2nd Prize:

Hong Kong Disneyland 1 Day Pass + Return Flight Tickets + (2 Pax) & 4 Beatbox Classes (1 Pax)

3rd Prize:

Universal Studios Singapore 1 Day Pass (2 Pax)

G. Selection of Winner

3 Winners will be selected by BMS Organics and will be notified through call or Facebook PM.

i. The FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) decision on all matters relating to the campaign shall be final conclusive and binding. No further correspondences appeal, protests or attempts to dispute the same would be entertained in any event.

ii. The winner will be announced on 10th August 2019 and posted on the FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) Facebook Page. By participating, participants consent to public disclosure of their names that were accompanied in their entries. All prizes must be collected in person at a specific date; any failure to collect in person will be forfeited.

iii. FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) will also request for the following details from the winners before & upon the prize collection:

a. Full Name (As per NRIC)

b. NRIC Number

c. Mobile Number

d. Email Address

iv. Winners shall provide the details requested by the FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) within 5 days from the notification and announcement of the winners is made through call / email. In the event, for any reason whatsoever, the winner fails to respond to the Notification within the stipulated time period, the prizes will be forfeited. FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) will neither reimburse nor compensate or give an extension of time to the winner.

v. FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) reserves the right to substitute the Prize with that of similar value at any time at their absolute discretion without prior notice and all prizes are non-transferable to another individual and are absolutely non-negotiable.

vi. All prizes are neither transferable nor exchangeable or redeemable for cash, credit, other items or voucher, in part or in full and are subject to the terms and conditions stated herein.

H. FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) shall not be liable for any default in respect of this campaign’s liabilities, claims, requests, authority action, and/or losses in which is/are made known/unknown at that moment, in any situation possible:

i. Personal injury and/or property damage, theft or losses in regards to the usage and/or enjoyment of the winning prize, and/or,

ii. Tax liability in respect of this competition, prize and/or usage or enjoyment of the same.

I. The acceptance of any winning prize indicates an agreement from the undersigned in regards to the endowment to the usage of his/her name, image, voice and/or likeness by release of any FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics)’s editorial, advertising, promotion, marketing and/or other reason without any compensation, unless it is prohibited by the Malaysian rules and regulations. FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics) has the rights to publish the participants’ entries photos without the consent of the participants.

J. The Campaign is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the campaign will be directed to FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd (BMS Organics), but not Facebook.

K. If Individual wishes to make inquiries or give feedback, please contact BMS Organics at 1300 888 267 on Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 6.00pm.